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As travel adventures we have a lot of services to offer. Take a look at some of them:


Most of the photos on this site is for sale. Wouldn’t it be great to have a huge print on the wall from one of the wondeful places you just visited? If you find anything suited for your needs, please contact [email protected]


Getting quality media for your ad campaigns, promotions and website is key. Lars have been working as an outdoor photographer and videographer for several years, and served clients such as NRK, Tv2, GoPro and Visit Norway to name a few. He has also had articles published in several magazines. Check out more of his content here. ¬†Most of the photos and videos on this site is for sale, if you have already found something suited for your needs, please contact [email protected]


Do you want to attract more people to your destination?
We love exploring new places, and sharing them with our readers. Using organic content is great for  engagement and exposure to target audiences. We use the latest SEO techniques to ensure our content and reviews appear high in Google search engines. We write quality reviews with included photographs, and in some cases videos. We later share our posts across all our social media platforms.


It would be great to talk possibilities with you, if you have a brand you think we could promote on a regular basis. We can offer photos, videos, stories and brand recognition. Take a look at our current sponsors.


We could be described as gear junkies, and we’d love trying out new equipment and products. If we agree that the product fits within the scope of this site, and could be of interest for our readers, we would love to test it out and write a review about it.


If you are a traveler in Norway and have a great story along with some photos, we would love to have you guest our blog and share your story. We will off course link to your desired networks or website of your choosing.