Fairytale like landscape, tall dramatic mountain, lush green forests, and a deep blue fjord – No wonder Geiranger is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Geiranger is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Norway, and has since 2005 been categorized as a UNESCO world heritage site. It is considered to be one of the most scenically outstanding fjord areas on the planet, and the landscape is truly fairytale like, we guarantee it.

View of Geiranger from Ørnesvingen

The city:

The city of Geiranger is situated at the innermost part of the Geirangerfjord. The city is cosy with it’s bakeries and small cafés, where you can enjoy a calm morning before you embark on some of the exciting adventures Geiranger has to offer. During the summer months, the city itself can be quite crowded as cruise ships are docked there most of the time. – But we never really think of this as a problem, as it’s in the mountains and on the fjord the real Geiranger magic happens.

Henrikke enjoying the view on the way to Skagelå

Where to stay?

There are several places to stay in Geiranger. All the hotels and cabins are located very close to the fjord, thus it does not matter that much which one you choose. You’ll still get to experience all that Geiranger has to offer. Geiranger is very popular, and the hotels sell out early. Be sure to book your stay early. Check out the available hotels here. There is also a lot of camp spots available for your car or tent.


What to do?

From Geiranger, there are several companies that offer guided  trips on the fjord, be it by kayak or by a bigger boat. This is a really nice way to get close to the many waterfalls and steep mountain sides, and experience the magic of the fjord. If you are hiring a kayak during the high season, it might be a good idea to book some time in advance, and to confirm/check your reservation a few days before you arrive, as many of the rental companies prioritize cruise tourists. Read more about this in our guide to paddling in Geiranger.


Feel the power of “The Seven Sister” falling down the mountain side.

Kayak, Hike, Sightseeing

Along the Geirangerfjord you’ll find many sights worth a visit. There are several abandoned mountain farms clinging to the mountain sides, for example Knivsflå, Blomberg and Skageflå. We really encourage you to hike to these farms. The hikes are somewhat steep, but you will be greatly rewarded with an amazing view of the fjord, and get an idea of the endurance it took to run a farm this high up in the mountain. To hike to Blomberg and Knivsflå, you’ll have to access the starting point by boat. You can catch one of the sightseeing/ferry boats and ask the crew to stop at your destination, or you can rent your own boat or kayak at one of the camping sites, or ask at the tourist information. Skageflå is accessible without using a boat, but many people prefer to access it from the water.

View of Knivsflå. Knivsflå is a 45 minutes hike from the fjord.

What to see?

Along the fjord, you’ll also find waterfalls of varying size, cascading down the steep mountains. The most spectacular ones are Brudesløret (The bride’s vail), Friaren(The suitor) and De syv søstre (the seven sisters). Looking up  from the fjord, at the way these waterfalls cascade down the mountains, is a truly memorable sight.

As well as the beautiful fjord, Geiranger is also famous for the twisting and turning roads that lead down into the valley. Experience a breathtaking view of the fjord from the Geiranger Skywalk at Mt. Dalsnibba 1500 meters above the fjord, take instagram friendly photos at the iconic Flydalsjuvet, and get our favourite view of Geiranger at Ørnesvingen. If you are driving your own car, it might be a good idea to check the state of your brakes before you start the drive towards the the valley. You do not want your breaks to give in while driving down here, believe me.

If you want to set up your tent near Ørnesvingen, we recommend that you hike for a few hundred meters into the forest behind the viewing platform. There you can find a secluded spot with a great view of the fjord. This is a popular spot for campers, so if you want one of the spots with the best view, you should set up your tent quite early.

The perfect place to pitch a tent. Walk a few hundred meters into the forest from Ørnesvingen.

Despite the long way down into the valley (and back up again), Geiranger is actually a popular biking destination, and you’ll see many people struggle their way up Ørnesvingene on a bike. It is also possible to rent electric bikes for those in need of a little push up those hills.  

Nearby Geiranger you’ll also find the famous Trollstigen, with its seemingly never ending turns, and with a beautiful viewing platform at the top. For the best view and images of the road, we recommend that you position yourself at on of the ramps, put on a wide angle lens, and capture the amazing view of the valley. There are sevral busses going to Trollstigen from Geiranger if you don’t have a car. On the way you will also have the opportunity to experience Gudbrandsjuvet. There you can stay at Juvet Landskapshotell. A really amazing hotel situated in raw Norwegian nature. We have not yet stayed at the hotel, but it’s definitely on our list.

View of Trollstigen. A 2 hour drive from Geiranger.

If you have any questions about traveling in Geiranger,  or if you think we have forgotten something important in this article, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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