Much of the success behind this blog is due to our wonderful sponsors. We couldn’t have done it without them. We stand behind the products and the brands, and highly recommend their products and services.




Devold is a Norwegian clothing company that sells high-quality wool. Devold was started all the way back in 1853, and has since produced high quality wool for cold Norwegian winters. We always trust Devold two keep us warm when we are traveling in Norway.



Fjellsport is one of Norway’s larges online provider of outdoors equipment. They offer super fast delivery, and excellent customer service. They feature a range of different products, and it would have to be something really unique if they are not able provide it.



Helsport was established in 1951, and is considered one of the worlds leading manufacturers of tents and sleeping bags. Their products are top quality, and we always have a Helsport tent and sleeping bags in our backpacks when we have to spend the night outside.



Stavanger Foto is one of Norway’s leading camera dealers. They deliver equipment all around in Norway, and everybody that works there live and breathe photography and videography. They deliver high class service, and we really recommend to check them out if you are in the market for some new gear.


SeaBird Designs is one of Europe’s leading kayak¬†manufacturer. They are also responsible for selling Norway’s nr1 bought kayak, 7 years in a row. We use the Expedition series to take us to our destinations in Norway’s many fjords and¬†archipelagos.