The Geiranger fjord is one of the greatest places to visit in Norway. Seeing it from the water is an experience you shouldn’t miss out on. This is a perfect one day activity, where you get to experience tall mountains, and amazing cascading waterfalls.

If you don’t have your own kayak, there are several places to rent. We rented from Geiranger Fjordservice, and were very happy with the service and kayaks they provided. You can also try Grande Hytteutleie or Active Geiranger. (FYI: We had a bad experience with Active Geiranger. We booked two kayaks early in the day, and late in the evening  they told us they had given our spots away to cruise tourists, as they have priority (same experience as others have reported on TripAdvisor). Luckily Geiranger Fjordservice saved the day.)



Finding your way in the Geiranger fjord is quite easy, as it doesn’t take any detours 😉  We started at the head of the fjord, keeping close to the right shore line . This way you will have the sun in your face (if you are lucky enough to have sun), and the biggest waterfalls are available on your right hand side. Some of them close enough to feel the drizzle.

Start paddling on the right side of the fjord. If you are lucky, you will have the sun in your face.

You will se many magnificent waterfalls on your way, the greatest of them all is “The Seven Sisters”. It is called the Seven Sisters because it kinda looks like the hair of seven women. This is a waterfall that has a fall length of 300 meters. As it is so tall, it looks like the water is rushing from the skies when looking at it from sea level. It is truly an amazing sight.

The spectacular waterfall “The Seven Sisters”.
The Seven Sisters seen from “Ørnevegen”

Close to the Seven Sisters waterfall,  you can find an old mountain farm called Knivsflå. It is the light green patch seen on the right on the picture above. It’s a very quick and easy hike done in approximately an hour, and with a beautiful view at the top.

Paddling under the trees is very idyllic
Posts: Knivsflå – An Idyllic Old Mountain Farm (Coming very soon)



Straight across the fjord from the Seven Sisters, you will see another huge waterfall called Friaren/ Skageflåfossen (the suitor). Continue paddling as long as you like, keeping to the right shore line. Along the way you will still find a lot of small waterfalls and rivers.

Be sure to turn around in good time before you have to be back to deliver the kayaks. The wind might pick up, making the return journey a lot heavier than paddling out was. Based on true events;)

Paddling back to Geiranger. Make sure to turn back in time.


Paddling close to the mountains is really great, but it could also be dangerous as rocks can come loose and fall down. Be sure to have ample distance from the mountain walls to the kayak. Especially when getting close to those 90 degree walls that shoot right up from the fjord.

Fill your water bottle from one of the many streams


As always when paddling, be sure to use a life west. Depending on the season, help can be far away. Also make sure you have a wind breaker jacket, and an extra layer of clothing. Even in the summer time. Water is accessible from some of the waterfalls, if you are comfortable getting in and out of the kayak.



There are several hotels to stay at nearby and in Geiranger when visiting, so you can enjoy the whole day out on the fjord.

We hope you will have a great time paddling in Geiranger. It is truly a great experience!


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